Thursday, July 23, 2009

Charlie Gasparino; Visibly Agitated By Blogs

As a larger and larger share of the world's information is disseminated via the blogosphere, there are bound to be traditionalists caught in the crossfire - those who don't "get" it. The typical response from the mainstream media has been to sporadically lash out at blogs, usually by using specific - albeit isolated - examples of misinformation supposedly uncovered on these non-regulated sounding boards. The next step is to attack the author, ad hominem style, as a means of discrediting him. Step #2 is unfortunately impossible to do when the author produces his/her content under a pseudonym; a decision made by many for the sake of their privacy, to evade retaliatory action from an employer, or simply because it makes things a whole hell of a lot easier. Mr. Gasparino apparently feels empowered enough to attack an entire class of individual - those choosing to blog anonymously - for what he perceives to be personal attacks. This is quite an unfortunate reaction, as it reflects poorly upon Charlie Gasparino's maturity, not to mention the judgment of CNBC itself, who continues to provide Mr. Gasparino with a platform from which to launch his ad hominem, broad based attacks.

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