Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blogger Prevails Against Goldman Sachs

As the public's sentiment towards Goldman Sachs (GS) has grown increasingly hostile, signs of resentment have proliferated across the strongest bastion of First Amendment Free Speech protection: blogs. Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge has managed to expose some of the financially complex aspects of what could largely be considered questionable behavior on the part of the investment bank. For those devoted to reading about nothing but Goldman however, there exists a self-explanatory website located at Needless to say, Goldman's web crawling spiders eventually found this site; provoking them to take that familiar American route to justice: the lawyer. In case you weren't aware, it is common practice for corporations to own thousands of websites under slight variations of the actual corporate name. In the event that a similar domain name has been overlooked, and is subsequently scooped up by some enterprising fellow, the corporation is usually able to prevail in having the lawless purchaser surrender his rights to the domain. In such fashion, Goldman's counsel proceeded to execute a textbook "offensive web content removal" tactic, which involves sending strongly worded demand letters to the web site's ISP, threatening legal action in the event the content is not promptly removed. Unfortunately, Mike Morgan, the site's proprietor, was not having any of this. Mr. Morgan "lawyered up" and fired back - ultimately achieving victory with the stipulation that he include a short disclaimer on the site, disavowing himself of any affiliation to Goldman Sachs. Below is the court filing containing the stipulations that both parties agreed to. Hopefully, proof that the little man can sometimes prevail will bring a smile to some of your faces - until that is you remember how your tax dollars have been, and are being, pillaged by the privileged interests that have managed to gain control of Washington.

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