Friday, July 17, 2009

CBO Derides Health Care Proposal; Harry Reid Quivers

Possibly the most useful and politically independent organization that exists in America today is the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). In Congress earlier this week, that independence was epitomized by Douglas Elmendorf; who despite having just been appointed Director of the CBO by the Democratic leadership, testified before the House that:
  1. The Administration's proposed health care reform plan will result in a cumulative budget deficit of $1.042Trillion dollars (during the period 2010-2019).
  2. The proposed health care initiative will not reduce health care costs for the nation as a whole.
As if open defiance of his Democratic creators - who must have expected more subservient behavior - is not enough, Mr. Elmendorf even has his own "Director's Blog" , where he posts certain budgetary truisms unlikely to be spoken by politicians. Apparently though, some folks in Congress were not happy with Mr. Elmendorf's projections - Harry Reid (D-NV) being the most prime example. Sir Reid is quoted by the press as having remarked "What he should do is maybe run for Congress". We couldn't help but laugh out loud at Mr. Reid, whose statement is a relatively common Senator defense mechanism, designed to infer that "You are not as popular as I, and could never ascend to the ranks of Senator".

Nevertheless, our feeling is that now is not the time for comprehensive health care reform. We are at a very dangerous crossroads in terms of the future prosperity of this country. All else aside from economic recovery needs to be shelved, as a potentially bleak future confronts this nation. People all around have begun to sense this possibility; the lack of most folk's ability to comprehend a lifelong decline in our living standards has prevented a legitimate public discussion from surfacing. Such thoughts however, creep into the public consciousness - with increasing intensity - as subsequent month after subsequent month fails to bring with it a recovery.

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