Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chavez Seeks Russian Military Aid

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin indicated yesterday that his country was ready to collaborate with Hugo Chavez and Venezuela on "military technical collaboration". The following was translated from Russian (Vladimir Putin) originally, so the syntax and vocabulary selection may be suspect, but the meaning shouldn't vary significantly:
"[We] Are prepared to examine proposals and claims of Venezuelan partners for this direction"

Chavez's latest grasp for an international ally comes as other South American leaders have grown increasingly concerned about the United States military and it's plans to expand it's presence on that continent in general, and in Colombia specifically. According to the Russian article cited above, Venezuela has a history of armament purchase arrangements with Russia; all of which it seems involved the Venezuelan acquisition of antiquated Soviet era Kalashnikovs and other rusty pieces of machinery. The latest plans devised by Chavez though involve the purchase of tanks; presumably to deter - or even instigate - some sort of ground incursion into Colombia.

In fact, Chavez has already claimed that Colombian forces have engaged in a "military incursion into Venezuela". This makes me wonder whether, in addition to discussing armament purchases with Vladimir Putin, Chavez solicited a bit of advice on how to tactfully start a war with a neighboring country. Likely impressed by the manner in which the Soviets dealt with the largely defenseless country of Georgia, Chavez may have requested a face to face with Russia's PM to go over some of the more detailed tactical and propaganda aspects inherent in any invasion of another country.

Most likely, Chavez wants to test President Obama by defiantly invading an outspoken US ally. If George Bush didn't do anything to rescue Georgia, then why should Chavez be concerned about how Obama might handle a conflict in Colombia? Sphere: Related Content

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  1. Chavez knows full and well that the US has no interest in provoking a war between Venezuela and Colombia. He is insulting the world's intelligence by trying to claim the contrary.

    If he were to, however, provoke a full out war or ground incursion into Colombia, the Colombian military aided by the US would soon defeat him. However, what may be more likely is his continuing harassment of Colombia and support for leftist rebels. It's an international shame that there is no just way in dealing with the type of belligerent that he is.