Friday, August 7, 2009

Bill Clinton's Rescue Act Has Been Misconstrued

When a former President flies half-way around the world to save a pair of American journalists from the grips of the isolated, authoritarian regime of North Korea, you'd think that it would produce a positive reaction. Apparently though, my perception of world events contrasts starkly with that of several prominent news outlets; several of which chose to twist the event according to a delusional strain of Feminist Marxism. The Huffington Post (headline read "Bill Upstages Hillary...Once Again) , as well as NY Times editorialist extraordinaire Maureen Dowd, both interpreted Bill Clinton's rescue mission as some sort of usurpation of Hillary Clinton's authority as Secretary of State. Furthermore, these hit pieces take the additional step of injecting a personal aspect into the story; suggesting the Bill's visit to North Korea was motivated at least partially by a desire to "one-up" Hillary. There are two major flaws to this reasoning, both indicative of a lack of understanding about the world in general, and international relations/politics in specific.

First of all, Bill Clinton served as President of the United States for eight years. With his election to that office, Bill "upstaged" a majority of the individuals who have ever walked the earth - including Hillary Clinton. Where was such a headline when Hillary failed to secure the Democratic nomination? That was the true upstaging.

Secondly, the entire mission was conjured up by North Korea's vertically challenged dictator Kim Jong-Ill. The Beloved Leader - as North Korea's citizens are compelled to refer to him as - doesn't get too many opportunities to take the international stage. The strategic release of two American journalists - in the company of his choice - provided the perfect backdrop for ascendancy to the oft yearned for international spotlight. Kim Jong-Ill is generally known only for his oppressive style of ruling, his less than formidable stature, and his repeated firing of defective missiles into the Pacific Ocean. The man thrives on attention, and a photo opportunity with Bill Clinton was just what he needed to assuage his ego. Additionally, the meeting with Bill Clinton will be documented and distributed across North Korea to serve any number of purposes; propaganda-wise that is. The North Korean internal media is so controlled and censored that it makes anything out of 1984 look like child's play. There is no telling what sort of story Kim Jong-Ill attributed to the Clinton visit; for all we know the Beloved Leader will tell his people that President Clinton arrived to apologize for America's behavior and compliment Kim for his leadership skills. To ascribe any other explanations, motivations, or conspiracies to the event is nothing more than irresponsible or ill-informed reporting. Sphere: Related Content

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