Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows 7 Upgrade From RC to Home Premium

Based upon the sheer level of confusion and misinformation that's percolating across the internet, I'd like to clear up an issue that many people have been speculating about.

Can I Use a Windows 7 Upgrade disc to install the recently released, fully operable version of Windows 7 on top of the RC installation? The answer is yes.

About a month ago, I installed the Windows 7 RC on a separate partioned hardrive of my Mac. I also own two copies of XP, and a copy of Vista Ultimate; however, both had been removed from my Mac prior to the RC installation. From within Windows 7 RC, I took the following steps that resulted in a fully functional install of Windows 7 Home Premium.

1) Purchased Windows 7 Home Premium at the student discount price (at least I'm recouping a fraction of the price of business school prior to graduation) of $29.99.
2) Downloaded the installation files onto my Windows 7 RC desktop. Time was approximately 40 minutes.
3) Click the setup.exe file to begin installation.
4) Select a "Custom" or "Clean" Installation.
5) Enter the product key provided during checkout.
6) Enjoy your fully operable version of Windows 7 Premium.

To the best of my knowledge, Microsoft has acknowledged that the above installation method is a viable possibility; however, they've also claimed that it is not a "supported" method of installation. I'll provide an update if there are any problems, but thus far everything is running perfectly smoothly.

Disclosure: no position in MSFT stock. Furthermore, Microsoft has absolutely no role in the publishing of this post, including but not limited to free products, or even a remote suggestion that I provide their new product with free publicity.
5) Enter the Windows 7 Home Premium product key obtained during Sphere: Related Content

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