Saturday, June 27, 2009

California Lawmaker's Salaries Should Be Paid With IOU's

California lawmakers have failed to reach a budget compromise with Governor Schwarzenegger, setting the stage for issuance of IOU's as soon as Thursday of this week. The AP reported that lawmakers have literally just "walked out" of the Governor's office - likely feeling ashamed about the fiscal catastrophe they have not only created, but subsequently failed to fix. We'd also like to note that if California is in fact forced to issue IOU's, the supposedly compassionate and liberal utopia of a State will be singling out it's most vulnerable and weak population segments to receive the worthless State Fiat Currency - students, low income individuals, the elderly and the disabled will soon be the proud owners of a sheet of paper that promises future payment from a bankrupt State.

Although this whole situation is an atrocity, we have come up with a solution that would not only dole punishment to those who have created this predicament, but also incentivize the folks in Sacramento to bring a speedy resolution to the budget crisis: Replace the cash salaries of every single lawmaker and the Governor with these bogus IOU's. We're quite aware that the salaries afforded to State legislators, even in a state as large as California, are a mere pittance when compared to the posh arrangements that the US Congress have set up for themselves. However, the folks in Sacramento deserve to feel some modicum of pain as retribution for the damage they have caused. Pass it on.

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