Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time Warner to Rid Itself of AOL

Today, Time Warner's board finally voted to excommunicate AOL. This much needed move has actually come a bit late, to the point that, if we were shareholders of Time Warner, we might be quite concerned right now. Seeing this bit of news come across the wire, we began to ponder the question "What does AOL do exactly...what service do they provide?". Until several minutes ago, the only service we could identify is that AOL brings ridicule to any individual whose email address bears the name of the company. Having noted in the wire article that AOL is supposedly valued between 3 and 5 billion dollars, we set out to investigate the company's operations. The results are mortifying: AOL is still offering dial-up internet service. They do try to trick the consumer by providing an option called "AOL High Speed Essentials". Sadly, there is nothing high speed about this option, as it really amounts to nothing more than 10 hours of "back-up" dial up time and some security software. The most disconcerting aspect of our entire investigation was the realization that there must be a substantial number of Americans who are still paying AOL every month for the right to have an email address. Sphere: Related Content

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