Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Announcement: Mortgage Broker Competition

On Friday, March 27th, Carneades penned an analysis entitled "Blame the Existence of Mortgage Brokers". Apparently, numerous individuals interpreted the piece to be highly derogatory in nature, as evidenced by the vitriol which emanated from various pseudo-sectors of the mortgage industry. The high volume of comments that we received certainly ran the gamut in terms of intellectual pedigree, logical soundness, and proper use of grammar/punctuation. Needless to say, we can not allow a handful of Rogue Commentators to desecrate these pages with ill-conceived and emotional comments. However, in the spirit of debate and fairness, we will allow users to submit their official rebuttals to the post dated March 27th. We will then select the best argument, based upon the criterion of intellectual pedigree, logical soundness and grammatical correctness, and post that argument to this site.We will not impose restrictions upon the number of words that you may submit. 

We will be posting submission instructions at the site www.brokeroutpost.com. Thank you Comrades, and good luck.
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